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Jenae Jacovino lit a candle on 08/11/2018: "Your birthday has already passed, but know I have been thinking of you each day before and since with so much LOVE"
Jenae Jacovino lit a candle on 06/18/2018: "Summer, so many happy memories of you and your birthday, our love for you expands beyond all limits-horizons."
Jenae Jacovino lit a candle on 01/31/2018: "At the beach, we write your name in the sand, talking to you, pelicans fly over your name. You are so loved, Moo. More."
Donna Krystal’s Mom lit a candle on 01/31/2018: "Not day goes by that you don’t think of Marin. The pain is sometimes there and sometimes you probably just smile.❤️"
Jackie Firense lit a candle on 01/27/2018: "Marin, it is almost 14 yrs since we have seen you. Miss and love you so MUCH."
Sharon Belner lit a candle on 12/24/2017: "Moo, our hearts ache for you, it has been too long, love u sweet girl."
Manford Jackson lit a candle on 12/24/2017: "Merry Christmas, Marin, we miss and love u so much, want to see your face again, soon..."
Priscilla Simran lit a candle on 12/16/2017: "Marin, you were the sweetest girl ever, we so miss you and will be thinking of you on Christmas. Our Christmas angel."
Marguerite Mendoza lit a candle on 11/22/2017: "Marin, the last photo I have of you is of Thanksgiving, 2003. H Thanksgiving, happy you were my friend and loved us all."
Genae Giovanni lit a candle on 10/01/2017: "Marin, thinking of you as Halloween approaches, miss you so much, I know you are with us though, love you sweet angel."
Genae Giovanni lit a candle on 08/20/2017: "Thought of you for your BD and also of your bro, love and missing you and your wonderful family. God bless us all."
Genae Giovanni lit a candle on 05/20/2017: "Mother's Day, you walked with us on the beach, picked up shells and watched as we wrote your name in the sand. Love u."
Melody Fiefer lit a candle on 05/20/2017: "Days, months, years go by, but know you are never forgotten and always loved. Missing you so much."
Marilyn Traynor lit a candle on 04/24/2017: "Moo, it is at birthdays especially when your absence is most noticeable. you made all my life events impt. love...."
Meghan Biggs lit a candle on 02/05/2017: "Almost Valentine's Day, our sweet girl, you always remembered us on the holidays, know we love you so much, missing u!!"
Jason Briggs lit a candle on 01/03/2017: "Remembering you, Marin in the New Year, miss you and sending you hugs/love."
Giovanni Thickett lit a candle on 12/25/2016: "Merry Christmas to the sweetest girl ever, miss you, your smile, your many things. Love you so much, Moo!"
Bennie Larson lit a candle on 12/16/2016: "Almost Christmas Moo, we miss you so much. Sending love on high. Merry Christmas sweet angel."
Maria Nelson lit a candle on 11/04/2016: "Remembered you over Halloween, knowing how much you loved it, love u"
Penny Chacon lit a candle on 10/17/2016: "Marin, we think of you often and carry you wherever we go,know you are so loved!"
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