Marin Ebel
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Born in Santa Fe, New Mexico on July 29, 1987 at 11:48 pm, St Vincent's Hospital. Marin and her family lived in El Rancho, New Mexico about a half hour north of Santa Fe.
Moved back to Colorado 1988, lived in Golden, CO until we moved again in 1990 to Lakewood, CO
Marin's first friend was Erica Clark, who she met at 2 years of age. Marin and Erica were like twins, they were only 3 days apart, they remained best friends for the majority of Marin's life. In her first school years, she was best friends with Will and Kinsey, Samantha, many others from JCOS. She was friends with many of her soccer mates, Mo, Abby and Jenna, Olivia, Jessie, Whitney. In softball, Stacy, Abby, Mo, Lindsey, Toni, Claire. Her dear friends from middle school through high school, Mari, Mallory, Megan, Kellye, Abby.
Marin started playing soccer at age 5 until she was 13. Her last soccer game was played in Utah where she was invited to play with another team. She scored the only goal. I was sorry she stopped playing soccer, but continue with softball. At 8, she started playing softball until age 15. She played catcher, second base and short stop, but switched to pitching for the rest of her years. Her dad was one of her coaches on the Stealth Team, along with Frank Canino. Marin played lacrosse she played as a freshman, sophomore at Wheatridge High. She loved swimming and learned at 9 mos of age a type of survival swimming for babies, if they fell into the pool. At two, she could swim across the width of the pool. We all loved swimming and snorkeling.
We moved to Morrison and Marin's dad continued to live in the house in Lakewood. He just recently sold that home and now lives in Boulder. Many good memories went with that home. Marin was between Morrison and Lakewood, she went to high school in Wheatridge, CO. She was a junior when she died. Her plan was to study tourism and work in a hotel while starting college after graduating from high school. I always felt Marin could make an excellent teacher.
Marin visited Louisiana on various occasions to visit her maternal grandparents, Homer and Jeanne. She went to Mexico with her parents, later with her dad where she swam with the dolphins. She went to Vancouver, Canada. Marin went to Jamaica, loved it there. She loved to travel and went to various states, California, Utah, Arizona, Wyoming, Nebraska, Texas, Washington, Florida. Her last big trip was to Maui, Hawaii prior to her 16th birthday.
Marin had an assortment of animals from hamsters, to guinea pigs, cats and dogs. Her all time favorite dog, of course, was Chef. She adored him. There are many wonderful photos of her with Chef.  She also dearly loved Tootie Woody, Phoebe the kitten, who each morning would wake her up and also gave her a body hug at night, too, which we called Tootie time.
Passed away on January 31, 2004 at the age of 16 and a half years of age.
A bench was placed in Marin's honor at the softball field in Paramount Park where she played softball and soccer. We also played at that park for years. It holds many special memories. The dugouts, too, were remodeled with the money donated in her memory.
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