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Not in the Christmas Spirit  / Jenae Jacovino (friend)  Read >>
Not in the Christmas Spirit  / Jenae Jacovino (friend)
Marin, this too was one of your favorite holidays and so know you are with us in ways you can. With your friends who have married and had children. Many new babies this year and cannot help but think you were there for their births. This year, the holidays seemed lost on us without you here. What was the point. Know that no matter how much time has gone by, you are in our daily thoughts and in our hearts for the rest of our time here. We love you and miss you so much Moo. It is hard to believe it will be 15 years in January. How can that be. Sending you love and Merry Christmas our dearest friend, daughter, sister and cousin. Cannot wait to see you again one day. Close
Your favorite holiday  / Jenae Jacovino (friend)  Read >>
Your favorite holiday  / Jenae Jacovino (friend)
Happy Halloween Moo, I remember how much you loved this holiday and have many memories of you as a child. Dressing up as princesses often with tiaras. You did not care how cold it was. Running through the neighborhoods with your friend, Kenzie from her dad's house. You had such fun. You were never afraid of scary movies, the scarier the better. So I have watched some thinking of you in that way. You were certainly braver than I. You went to many haunted houses or malls, an amusement park, nothing fazed you when it came to horror and fun. So I am going to think of you on the 31st. Love you so much and I hope your other friends and of course, your family will be thinking of you. The longer you are gone, the more I think and remember you. The love for you has gotten stronger and I know you are a part of our lives for the rest of our years. Blessing and prayers to you and your loved ones. Close
Your 31st BD  / Jenae Jacovino (aunt)  Read >>
Your 31st BD  / Jenae Jacovino (aunt)
Marin, know that we wished you a happy birthday and celebrated you on your day. We have talked about the fact that so many of your friends have had babies this year. One more to go and know you are there with them as their baby's angel to look over them. You brought so much love and joy into this world and continue to in your own way. The more time you are not here physically, the more we seem to connect with you in so many ways from the signs that you send each of us. Cannot wait to see your smiling face one of these days as it is our time to be reunited. So much love for you dearest girl. Miss you so much. Look over us, ok? Close
How the time has gone  / Jenae Jacovino   Read >>
How the time has gone  / Jenae Jacovino
It is now 14 years now, Moo. How the time has gone. We miss you more than ever and hold so many memories dear. Friends reach out and also call out your name. We know that you have work to do, that your new life fills your soul in infinite ways. We cannot wait til we see your radiant and shining face. We will recognize you immediately from your smile and beautiful eyes. Thank you for so many blessed moments. Wish there had been more, but we understand the need for you to have left our side. You were called HOME as we all are, one day. Sending you so much love and sweet remembrances. You continue to touch our lives and hearts each and every day. Missing you so you more with each moment of each day Close
Almost Christmas 2017  / Priscilla Simran (friend)  Read >>
Almost Christmas 2017  / Priscilla Simran (friend)
Marin, how often I think of you and have during this year. It is going on 14 years. Hard to believe you have been out of our sight for so long, but in our hearts and memories forever. I miss your laughter and generosity at the holidays and know how much your friends and family miss you, too. The world has not been the same since you left it, we have carried on to some degree, but not in the fullest sense. Merry Christmas a few days early, Marin and thank you for watching over us as friends marry, have children, have adventures. I know you are a part of all of our lives and help us through the tough times. Thinking of you during the holidays with love and happy memories together. Close
Happy Birthday Marin 2016  / Troy Caine (friend)  Read >>
Happy Birthday Marin 2016  / Troy Caine (friend)
SO many of us have held you in our hearts for 12 years since you have moved on, but know that there is not a day that goes by that we do not forget you, your smile, your friendship, your heart, your love and patience for those you loved dearly. You were the best friend anyone could have, the best daughter, person we know. I am sure you have received much benefit from being that kind of person in this world when you were with us, but now on a grander scale, you are shining, radiant, brilliant and full of the utmost Love and Grace that could possibly be bestowed on a soul. We cannot wait to see you again and we will recognize one another immediately. Love and kisses, hugs and embraces from this side of the veil, we know you are with us in our most difficult moments and help us break through whatever barriers we face. God bless you and your family, most who are with you now. Happy birthday, dearest person I know. Close
Almost Christmas 2015  / Jacqueline Reed (friend)  Read >>
Almost Christmas 2015  / Jacqueline Reed (friend)
Today and so often I think of you and remember all our times together. It has been so long since we have seen you. We miss you so much. Christmas and so many of the holidays were so special to you, you wanted to get the perfect gifts for your family, friends and dog, Chef. So I light a candle and wish you love, peace and joy where you are, Marin. I know you are the hardest working angel and shine your brightest there and for us here in giving us hope and inspiration. We cannot wait to see you again when that time comes and know you will be there to meet us and show us the ropes. Loving and missing you today and through the end of this year into the next. Blessings to you and your family and friends, always! Close
Almost birthday  / Rorie Campbell (friend)  Read >>
Almost birthday  / Rorie Campbell (friend)
Marin, we think of you so often and are aware that your birthday is tomorrow. You would be 28 tomorrow and wish we could celebrate it in the ways we did with  you when you were growing up and full of life and fun. You have had such an impact on my life through the years, so know that your life and you meant something very special to many of  us and of course, your family. Know they are missing you terribly. But we know you are with  us in many ways... the breezes in the wind, in the smile of a baby, in the shells on the beach, warmth of the sand under our feet, in the twinkle of the stars at night, in the radiant sun and glowing moon. You are part of everything that is real and true in this Life. You are our own angel and we look to you to give us guidance and comfort when we are blue. Loving and missing you until we see you again, dearest friend and daughter, love never separates us. Close
Where we are  / Georgina Kiefer (friend of family )  Read >>
Where we are  / Georgina Kiefer (friend of family )
Where we
are is incredible, it is filled with a radiance so bright, in the world
you are in, you would be overcome if you saw it, it is nothing you can imagine
nothing to compare to. it fills every doubt, void, misgiving,
hopelessness, feelings of insanity, hatred, are dissolved once you cross
the threshold to be here with HIM, GOD.

I am no longer separate and alone, every particle of my
soul, being is filled with this bounding love and energy source, there is
nothing I am missing, longing for, complaining about, my needs are something
from that world, not here. I am here and am also there with my loved ones, I can be in various places at one time. Time, distance has no relevance. I carry out my daily tasks of guidance and spiritually evolvement in His Infinite Wisdom. I will see my friends and family again and we will recognize one another instantly. So be prepared for Joy and Love that is indescribable and Abundant. God blesses each and every being on this planet. God bless those who are reading this now. Forever yours. Close
We look for you  / Sherise Wagner (friend)  Read >>
We look for you  / Sherise Wagner (friend)
It might be 11 years, but there are moments when we look for you, a resemblance, your profile, listen for your laugh. You wore a messy bun and I notice myself searching for that type of hair style or your mode of dress back then. You were one of a kind, Marin. I see animals and I think of how much you loved animals, your dog and cats. You would never pass up a lost animal or person, your heart opened up to them and you encouraged others to do the same. Your smile, friendship, funniness, ways you counseled us, listened were part of the Marin, we miss so much. We know you are here with us whenever we think of you, ahh, but to see you in person again. Come to us in our dreams and keep us close. Until we do see each other again, our longing for you and love continues. Close
Happy Valentines's Day  / Rindy McIntrye   Read >>
Happy Valentines's Day  / Rindy McIntrye
Happy Valentine's Day to the sweetest girl ever. We sure miss you, Moo and you always enjoyed this day and made it special for those around you. You made every day special for your friends and family. But we know you have not left us, just the sight of you, but  your spirit and heart are with us stronger than ever and we know that you are there to give us a helping hand or whisper in our ear something that will change our difficult day into a brilliant one. Know how much you are missed and loved, each and every day until we see you again and know you will be there for us as we cross over. Kisses and hugs to our angel, Marin. Close
We look at your pictures  / Reggie Sanchez (friend)  Read >>
We look at your pictures  / Reggie Sanchez (friend)
The years tick on and yet, we have vivid memories of you with so much detail. You would be 27 now and what would you be doing, still being the best friend to a number of us, listening to our life stories, giving us the love, support, smiles you always did. We could count on you and now we have to count on the fact that you are still a big part of our lives and that you watch over us and help us keep safe, not take big risks. Like a big sister, but with irridescent wings. Know that we miss, love and think of you each and every day. Thank you for giving us such a beautiful example of human being, authentic, sincere, direct, funny, sensitive, real. We love you, Moo, now and always until we meet again. Close
Looking at you  / Jocelyn Neiminger (friend)  Read >>
Looking at you  / Jocelyn Neiminger (friend)
Marin, we look at your photos, remember your smile, how funny and sweet you were, how talented, too. You were our best friend, an amazing athlete, incredible human being. Now we try to emulate you and think, what would have Marin done or said in this situation. You are so loved, so missed, there is no one to replace you. Next month is your birthday, you would be 27 this year and it is hard to realize so much time has gone by. You live on in each of us and we carry you in our hearts forever. Always loved and never forgotten. We look forward to seeing you again, one day. God bless you and your family, know it has not been easy on them.  Thinking of you today and each day. Close
Hard to believe  / Melissa McCartney (friend)  Read >>
Hard to believe  / Melissa McCartney (friend)
Marin, it is hard to believe it has been ten years. We shake our heads and cry for the amount of time that has gone by in missing you as our dearest friend, companion, daughter. How can it be that this person named Marin had to leave us so early in her life. Was it to be our guardian angel during our troubled times? She was and is our angel and we hope she knows how much she is loved and adored. How she made us laugh and be hysterical by her humor and wit How her understanding and compassionate heart made us be able to tell her anything and not be judged. How generous she was to us with her time and remembrance of us with gifts. How loving she was of her parents, brother and family. How talented she was in sports and creativity. She was wiser beyond her years and she lived those 16 years with such zest and conviction, not a moment wasted. God helps us now in our grief that will linger for all time in losing such an important person in our lives. We look forward to seeing you again when we cross the threshold and will recognize you for your brilliant smile and radiant spirit. We love you Marin beyond words and comprehension. Keep us from harm's way and inspire us as you did in life. Loving you always. Close
Passing years  / Melissa Wrangly (friend)  Read >>
Passing years  / Melissa Wrangly (friend)
Marin, know that you are thought of and remembered so much during this time of the year. We love you and miss you so much, you and your radiant smile. We look at you as our guardian angel illuminating our way here, we feel you near during our travels and when we are struggling with whatever ails us. Blessing to you and your family with the upcoming holidays and we look foward to see you one day again, our dearest friend. No matter how much time goes by, you are loved and adored, always. Close
Happy Birthday Marin, 26 years now  / Jennifer Gutlag (friend)  Read >>
Happy Birthday Marin, 26 years now  / Jennifer Gutlag (friend)
Although, Marin did not live many years, she was a very determined person in so many ways, she was your best friend, best teammate, best support, so understanding and wise. She brightened the world with her smile and her understanding of people. I found two writings today that might help us all, they did me as I am missing her so much and wish we could be together like before, there is so much I wish I could tell her, but I guess she knows what I am up to.

You are my beloved child, I chose you before the foundation of the world, to walk with Me along paths designed uniquely for you. Concentrate on keeping in step with Me instead of trying to anticipate My plans for you. If you trust that My plans are to prosper you and not to harm you, you can relax and enjoy the present moment.
Your hope and your future are rooted in heaven, where eternal ectasy awaits you. Nothing can rob you of your inheritance of unimaginable riches and well-being. Sometimes, I grant glimpses of your glorious future, to encourage you and spur you on. But your main focus should be staying close to Me. I set the pace in keeping with your needs and My purposes.
Ephesians 1:4 NASB Proverbs 16:9, Jermemiah 29:11, Ephesians 1:13-14

Learn to Laugh at yourself more freely. Don’t take yourself or your circumstances so seriously. Relax and know I am God with you. When you desire My will above all else, life becomes much less threatening. Stop trying to monitor My responsibilities---things that are beyond your control. Find freedom by accepting the boundaries of your domain.
Laughter lightens your load and lifts your heart into heavenly places. Your laughter rises to heaven and blends with angelic melodies of praise. Just as parents delight in the laughter of their children, so I delight in hearing My children laugh. I rejoice when you trust Me enough to enjoy your life lightheartedly.
Do not miss the Joy of my Presence by carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. Rather, take My yoke upon you and learn from Me. My yoke is comfortable and pleasant, My burden is light and easily borne.
Proverbs 17:22, Proverbs 31:25, Matthew 1:23, Matthew 11:29-30 AMP

I am so blessed to have had such a friend in Marin Nicole Ebel. Close
Almost / Betsy Rentrop   Read >>
Almost / Betsy Rentrop
Marin, it is almost your birthday, almost 26 years old. In my mind, you are a young girl, playing, singing, laughing, dancing, swinging, playing ball, perpertual motion and such a bright, enchanting spirit. We miss you, what you did for so many of us, how your brilliance shined on us while you were alive and I suppose GOD had a great purpose for you to do the same on the other side, shining on us all, showing us the way. There is not a day that goes by when we are not thinking of you and are in awe still for the person you were, are for us. Love you, Moo, now and forever. Never forgotten, send us a sign. Visit us in our dreams, smiling as you did. Know we cannot wait to see you again. Loving you, loving us. God bless us all. Close
Free from Fear  / Kimberly Weiner   Read >>
Free from Fear  / Kimberly Weiner
Thinking of you and your family, wishing you the utmost peace and comfort. Knowing how much you loved your children, I found this passage to share which I hopes helps to read.
Do not be afraid, For I am with you. Hear ME saying, Peace, be still, to your restless heart. NO matter what happens. I will never leave you or foresake you. Let this assurance soak into your mind and heart until you overflow with Joy. Though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea, you need not fear!

The media relentlessly proclaim bad news, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A steady diet of their fare will sicken you. Instead of focusing on fickle, ever changings news and broadcast, turn in to the living Word-the One who is always the same. Let Scripture saturate your mind and heart and you will walk steadily along the path of Life Even though you don't know what will happen tomorrow, you can be absolutely sure of your ultimate destination. I hold you by your right hand and afterward I take you to Glory.
This comes from the book: Jesus Calls by Sarah Young
Blessed be your children and you. Close
Prayers / Jasmine Sturdefant (Friend)  Read >>
Prayers / Jasmine Sturdefant (Friend)
Hi Jody, My name is Jasmine, I had just met you for the first time at Mackenzie's Memorial Dinner just this last October. I went to school with Marin, but never really got to know her and I never knew Evan, but I just wanted to tell you that I think of you and your family often. My heart is saddened for you all daily. I just wanted to tell you I am very sorry for what you are going through, I can't even imagine the pain. My thoughts, prayers and love are with you all everyday. I'm glad to see you have so much support and love. My Deepest Condolences, Jasmine Sturdefant Close
Love / Kyja Thorsgard (friend of Jody )  Read >>
Love / Kyja Thorsgard (friend of Jody )
Dear Jody, It is so true. Let people know you love them. You have been an example of incredible nurse and human being to me, and I want you to know that. I also remember visiting you with baby Evan, and being so touched by the love I saw. Sending love and prayers your way, Kyja Close
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